Message From Management

Expanding our Focus

MWH has been Building a Better World for nearly 200 years. Like water, we never stay in the same place, but keep shaping and sculpting the communities in which we operate. Our vision for the future has inspired a metamorphosis that has only just begun… Read More

The Edge of Water

Like explorers venturing into new territory, MWH continues to seek new growth opportunities. We recognize that any metamorphosis is also a leap of faith, but our efforts have been measured, strategic and aimed at a clear destination… Read More

The Human Vision

We played by the rules–and reconstructed a few–to find new, industrious ways to deliver fresh ideas faster. Our metamorphosis pivoted on the perseverance of our employees. But, operating as an integrated global team, we earned more than client and public trust… Read More

The Bridge to Community

Nowhere is the evidence of metamorphosis more clear than in the diverse hometowns and neighborhoods of the communities we served. Ingenuity built and restored infrastructures, and the future of water for communities was made more secure… Read More