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Expanding our Focus

MWH has been Building a Better World for nearly 200 years. Like water, we never stay in the same place, but keep shaping and sculpting the communities in which we operate. Our vision for the future has inspired a metamorphosis that has only just begun… Read More

The Edge of Water

Like explorers venturing into new territory, MWH continues to seek new growth opportunities. We recognize that any metamorphosis is also a leap of faith, but our efforts have been measured, strategic and aimed at a clear destination… Read More

The Human Vision

We played by the rules–and reconstructed a few–to find new, industrious ways to deliver fresh ideas faster. Our metamorphosis pivoted on the perseverance of our employees. But, operating as an integrated global team, we earned more than client and public trust… Read More

The Bridge to Community

Nowhere is the evidence of metamorphosis more clear than in the diverse hometowns and neighborhoods of the communities we served. Ingenuity built and restored infrastructures, and the future of water for communities was made more secure… Read More

Expanding our Focus

The Great Geyser, Iceland. Photo by Carolyn Randolph Loar, 2015 MWH Employee Calendar Winner

Expanding Our Focus

Our clients’ needs never stop changing, and the opportunities to address them at new levels of operation have never been greater. In 2014, we activated a plan to transform how we do business and how we deliver service and value to our clients. The impact was impressive, as we recorded a significant number of awarded projects, including the United Utilities, Southern Water and Anglian Water AMP6 programs in the U.K., the Palm Beach County Utility Capital Improvement Plan in Florida, the Huanza Hydroelectric project in Peru and the Wastewater Rehabilitation Contract in Miami-Dade County, Florida, just to name a few. In a tough global market, we maintained balance and direction. We remained profitable. And while profits declined in part because of projects ending, our laser focus on building backlog resulted in an increase of our total backlog from $2 billion at the end of 2013 to $2.5 billion at the end of 2014 and has positioned us for growth in the future. Our pipeline of opportunities is solid. Acting on the knowledge that our clients need more than our current core market solutions, we also began to expand our focus and footprint into an adjacent but also new market space.

La nature, Greenland. Photo by Stefano Susani, 2015 MWH Employee Calendar Winner

The Edge of Water

In 2014, we broadened our focus on water to include natural resources, recognizing that many clients, among them the developers of new sources of oil and gas and leaders in manufacturing, have needs relative to both. Energy, mining and industrial development are just three markets where we completed unique design projects such as the complex industrial wastewater treatment plant for the Boeing aircraft manufacturing facility in Auburn, WA, and prepared to move to the edge of water by identifying new opportunities for management of watersheds, groundwater and infiltration systems. And recognizing the need for more end point to end point service, we began to transform our service platform in order to deliver more of what our clients want—full Design to Operate capabilities.

Leading Lines to the Future, Phillip Island, Australia. Photo by Kylie Wiegard, 2015 MWH Employee Calendar Winner

The Human vision

We leveraged our shared knowledge base and connected our global design teams in ways that transformed the client experience. The investment we made ensured returns in the form of faster and more efficient delivery of high quality solutions. Aligning the human vision with new technologies proved to be a smart move. But it was transformative thinking that enabled us to demonstrate we are more than just the sum of our parts.

Country of Various Colors, Cusco City, Peru. Photo by Ana Maria Moran Sanchez, 2015 MWH Employee Calendar Winner

The Bridge to Community

Our deeply rooted purpose of Building a Better World has never been more vital or more necessary. Clients thrive as we contribute to their own unique business transformations. Communities flourish as we share our vision and passion for progress, and honor their uniqueness, culture and diversity. Our employees grow as they contribute their talents to help ensure a sustainable future for our planet. Wherever we have invested energy, technologies and people, the bridge to community has become stronger. I am confident it will lead to new opportunities and greater value for our clients and partners.


Many of the projects we undertook in 2014 demonstrate our focus on changing how we serve our clients, adapting to meet new market opportunities and positioning the company to grow. Transformation is not always simple, but the results can be remarkable.

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  • Panama Pride (Panama City, Panama)
    Panama Pride (Panama City, Panama)
  • Super Alliance Maintains London’s Water Services (London, England)
    Super Alliance Maintains London’s Water Services (London, England)
  • Recovery and Reconnection (Queensland, Australia)
    Recovery and Reconnection (Queensland, Australia)
  • Knowing the Worth of Water (Austin, Texas)
    Knowing the Worth of Water (Austin, Texas)

Global Citizenship

Helping people prepare for and lead change is as much a part of Building a Better World as the engineering solutions we provide. We saw the impact of our values in action this year when we invested time and energy to help others better understand and manage our vital water and natural resources.




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Photo by Ellen Jaskol

Photo by Ellen Jaskol


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“It’s important for a board member to bring their outside experiences along with their skills and capabilities to the board room, but in doing that to recognize that the company is unique and different, and not everything applies.” Janet Linden Cooper


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